Asset management

The assets owned by government bodies or your business or organisation are enormously valuable, regardless of whether they are company resources, real estate or infrastructure. With strategic asset management, you can ensure that these contribute as much as possible to you achieving your sustainability objectives. Twynstra will help you set up your asset management, with better organisation, a better performance and better partnerships.



It’s not just costs that set the agenda

Decisions on the management and maintenance of buildings are often taken reactively, with but one single purpose and that is to preserve the asset. That’s a pity really because there’s relatively a lot of money involved and that presents opportunities to contribute to sustainability objectives at the same time. Where sustainable asset management is concerned, it’s not just the costs of management and maintenance that set the agenda, but principally the material and immaterial contribution your organisation makes to sustainability.


How do you make that connection?

The question is how you can make the connection between your organisation’s sustainability ambitions on the one hand and the management and maintenance of your assets on the other hand. How is your asset management currently dealt with and what bottlenecks do you encounter? What capacities and competencies does your management organisation need and which parties could you eventually work together with? We’ll help to fine-tune your organisation’s sustainability goals and translate them into a future-oriented asset management.


Three pillars

Our advice is always based on three pillars: a better organisation, better performance and better partnerships. We look at how your asset management is currently organised. What are the opportunities and the bottlenecks? Is the right expertise available and is there enough capacity? Is the organisation – from operational staff to management – sufficiently equipped to achieve the objectives? We spell out the objectives in black and white and make performance measurable. We develop models for management reports, in line with existing cycles of planning and control. We offer training, so that you can continuously improve your performance. Objectives are often more effective to achieve when working with others. We’ll scan your sector to highlight what partnership opportunities there are and oversee the process towards a fully set up partnership organisation.

Effectively contributing to sustainability

Our work will ensure that the relationship between sustainability and asset management is clear and manageable; that the internal organisation is all in order and that there are contracts in place for any partnerships. As the manager, you’ll have more control of your business. Reports will provide you with essential information to guide you so that you can intervene if your sustainability ambitions require that. Ultimately, with your decisions on management and maintenance you’ll be able to make an effective contribution to the sustainability of your organisation.

Our added value

Twynstra consultants are experienced in overseeing asset management projects for infrastructure managers, housing associations and other property managers. Our consultants offer a combination of knowledge of the relevant legislation, asset management processes and sustainability, with expertise in the field of organisational science, change management and working in partnerships. They also have a range of tools and training programmes at their disposal for successfully implementing sustainable asset management for government bodies, social organisations and businesses.