Guarantee of quality

An honest and socially responsible way of working – that’s a key part of the way we do business.


The general terms and conditions that we use for the execution of consultancy assignments, you can download here.

Raad voor Interim Management

The Raad voor Interim Management (RIM) is the sector organisation for interim management agencies. The RIM aims to promote the quality of interim management and seeks to promote the profession. Member agencies endorse the code of conduct and its judicial rules, which in short is called the IM Code. This code of conduct guarantees a minimum level of quality in professional services and personal representation.

ISO certification

To us, a satisfied client is the most important measure of quality. A good quality management system helps with this. Our ISO certification, which we’ve held since 1996, is testimony to the fact that we adhere to organised processes and can, therefore, offer our clients a high level of quality. As such, we’re delighted that our certification was renewed on 9 July 2018. TwynstraGudde meets ISO standard 9001:2005. Our new certification is valid until 12 July 2021.

Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is a day-to-day reality in our profession. This is evident from the way we treat our expertise, our people and our product resources.

Certified Management Consultant

TwynstraGudde has held the Certified Management Consultant Firm (CMC-Firm) quality mark since May 2018. This international status assures clients that hiring TwynstraGudde means they have enlisted the services of an organisational consultancy that works to the highest standards.

Organisational consultancies must meet strict conditions to be eligible for this quality mark. Consultancies must have demonstrably high requirements of their project results and be able to demonstrate in-house continuity and stability. Other important criteria to receive CMC-Firm certification are: respect for other consultancies and a code of conduct, with procedures that underline the company’s socially responsible way of working.