About us

TwynstraGudde advises the public and private sectors on many of the major and urgent issues of our time, including safety, diversity, mobility, digitisation, sustainability, energy, finance and healthcare. We offer our clients unique, workable solutions and bring complex projects and programmes to a successful conclusion.

We also offer management solutions, both temporary and permanent. And through our training courses we share the knowledge we have acquired in the field. We are all about creating valuable solutions that last. As a result, we have a direct impact on social and economic developments, now and in the future. This means we have a big impact on tomorrow.


Our approach

Working with TwynstraGudde means working together and engaging in an honest and robust dialogue. We have been an indispensable link between organisations and the many stakeholders around them for 55 years. This is reflected in everything we do. Results are paramount, but not at any cost. We want you to feel understood and challenged at the same time. We connect, clarify, boost, make progress and always come up with workable, creative solutions of lasting value. Every piece of advice is unique, every job is different. But we always have one common goal: making organisations stronger and more resilient. Ready for the future.

Our expertise

We employ professionals with a wide range of expertise. Our consultants always work together, each with their own skills and from their own perspective. They combine a broad view of collaboration management, project and programme management, change management and organisational management with specific knowledge of the different markets and fields of expertise.

Our people

At TwynstraGudde, you are continuously working on your own personal development. You are given the opportunity to take initiative and make your own choices. But: together we make a difference. More than 300 talented and inspiring colleagues from different fields work together on meaningful projects, both public and private. And they help build the world of tomorrow.


Having an impact on tomorrow translates directly to our sustainability efforts. We try to minimise our own impact by organising our business operations as sustainably as possible. But we also seek to increase the impact of the advice we give our customers. We help our customers to operate as sustainably as possible. This is not a sideline for us, but an integral part of our way of working. TwynstraGudde consultants are intrinsically driven to help organisations and people move forward and to come up with solutions that have lasting value.

Organisational units

TwynstraGudde has various consultancy groups and two separate organisational units, Humanex and OpMorgen.


Helps companies utilise innovation as a predictable source of sustainable and profitable growth, by enabling their clients and their own people to bring their ideas to life and expand their ability to innovate.


Helps companies and institutions to reinforce their decisiveness and innovative power by deploying talented young professionals for temporary projects. They help clients with analyses, organisational management, advice and achieving results.

Member of Cordence Worldwide

We have a strategic partnership with Cordence Worldwide, a group of independent consultancies from around the world. What we have in common: a different take on consultancy. And our specific knowledge that is of value to foreign governments and organisations. For example, our involvement in delta plans in Bangladesh and Indonesia.