Large-scale test using the latest innovations in automobiles and mobility

Smart sustainable transport

Process evaluation of triple helix cooperation with Praktijkproef Amsterdam

Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

The success or failure of Praktijkproef Amsterdam all depends on a successful partnership between government bodies and the business and scientific communities. Using a unique approach in process evaluation, Twynstra gets the parties to continuously improve the partnership.


Praktijkproef Amsterdam is a large-scale test using the latest innovations in automobiles and mobility. There is nowhere else in the world that is using intelligent technology in the field of traffic management and travel information so widely in daily traffic. To that end, government bodies and the business and scientific communities are working together on various levels, from strategy to operations.

Unique approach to process evaluation

In a nutshell, the aim of process evaluation is to provide insight into the triple helix cooperation, including how its is organised and implemented. This process takes a unique approach, as it doesn’t evaluate the situation after all is said and done. Instead, the process evaluation follows the partnership very closely, from the very beginning to the point a decision is made to progress to the next stage. The process evaluation takes a snapshot of the partnership at several stages. These snapshots reveal how the quality of the partnership is appreciated and zoom in on the relevant issues in the partnership.

Maintaining a successful partnership

Our consultants share these snapshots with the relevant parties in evaluation meetings, which are also opportunities to share stories, expand on worries and points of concern, and find solutions. In this way, the process evaluation gets the parties in question to continuously work on improving the partnership, as illustrated by the series of snapshots. It’s an intervention that gets an extra boost from the attention that is spent on mapping out the knowledge that has been built up and having the lessons learned take root.