Jan Willem de Kleuver

Smart sustainable transport

Senior Consultant

The transition to smart and sustainable mobility combined with (renewable) energy sources is a global challenge. As a project leader, Jan Willem de Kleuver focuses on this challenge by looking at new business models and new technologies.

Jan Willem has significant experience of working on transport, technology and energy assignments for both the public and the private sector. His areas of expertise are strategy development, transition management, programme and project management and public-private partnerships. His work includes assignments that combine strategy development with scenario thinking and working in close collaboration with several public and private stakeholders. Jan Willem is involved in the development of sustainable transport programmes and projects, both for business and governmental organisations.

Combine strategy development with scenario thinking and working in close collaboration with several public and private stakeholders

  • Joined the team in the futuring study and impact assessment of smart sustainable transport concepts for a large oil and gas company. He co-led the European trend and impact analysis and was actively involved in the USA workshop in March 2017 to discuss the results and analyse the impact.
  • Managed a hydrogen mobility, infrastructure and production project with several parties. This project led to a new hydrogen business model for global industrial chemicals company. He has experience with innovation projects in hydrogen, piping and tanking facilities, including business models for the hydrogen producer, pumping station and heavy duty vehicles – more specifically, with busses and light vehicles.
  • Conducted feasibility studies and has knowledge of several zero-emission modalities in two market areas: heavy electric vehicles and the shipping industry. The public-private partnerships on zero-emission bus transport led to a new electric business model for a major European bus and truck manufacturer. His latest involvement in this area focuses on the transition to fully electric ferries and the shipping industry.
  • Created public-private partnerships for the hydrogen economy through international and regional collaborations for the rollout of hydrogen vehicles, including an investment programme in hydrogen vehicles and infrastructure across Europe.
  • Carried out an in-depth study on the global fuel cell industry for a strategic roadmap for a government organisation in South Africa. The study focused on production trends and the strategic rollout of infrastructure and vehicles in Japan, the EU, Taiwan, Norway and other countries.
  • Is involved in the EU-financed Eureka Rail Smart Ticketing programme. This programme aims to improve cross-border mobility between Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium by improving rail connections and related services such as ticketing. He is responsible for the collaboration between the governmental organization and operators in the three countries, as well as the financial management.
  • Completed a mini-MBA training programme at Nyenrode Business University on innovation and energy transition management.