One of the biggest oil firms in the world and the impact sustainable transport

Smart sustainable transport

Getting a clear view of sustainable transport

One of the biggest oil firms in the world

This private client is developing long-term scenarios on energy demand, and sustainability plays an important role in that. Together with international partners, Twynstra developed a picture of the impact of sustainable transport on the role of the private client in 2050.


A ‘picture of the world’

What do self-driving cars mean for the position and strategy of the private client? How fast will these developments happen? To continue being one of the top energy firms in the longer term, the company has to anticipate international trends. The private client wanted to know what the conceivable scenarios are for that, so asked external parties to paint a ‘picture of the world’. Our partner North Highland (based in USA/UK) asked our other partner S.Point Design (based in China) and Twynstra for input on the developments in Asia and the EU respectively.

STEEP: five perspectives

The joint study analysed trends from five different perspectives: social, technological, economic, environmental and political. Developments in these areas were analysed for 2020, 2030 and 2050, with findings making it clear that the trends in Asia and the EU differ in many ways from the trends in the US. And it’s precisely for that reason that the private client asked for the help of external parties.

For the situation in Europe, Twynstra looked at the possible gaps in studies that had already been done. Where necessary, we conducted additional research into the important drivers for change. We organised sessions with important stakeholders to define possible products and services within the future scenarios.

Aware of major consequences

The results were discussed in two separate sessions with a group of representatives from each of the private client’s business units. An important aspect of these sessions was to raise awareness: how can the trends that are still small now have major consequences in a few decades time? This resulted in a summary of the trends and opportunities, giving the private client an outlook for the short, medium and long term and an overview of the key go/no-go moments for markets in the USA, the EU and Asia.