Jos Kalfsbeek

Smart sustainable transport


Jos Kalfsbeek is experienced in working across all modes of transportation for both the public and the private sector in the Netherlands and Europe. His specific areas of expertise include strategy development in smart sustainable transport, project management, policy-making and decision support analyses.

As a project manager, Jos has led the decision support analyses and decision-making process (go/no-go decisions) for major (i.e. in excess of €500 million) infrastructure projects in the Netherlands. In this work, he organised the necessary impact analyses, business cases, forecasting and uncertainty analyses. For the past few years, he has focused on smart sustainable transport. The transport industry has been changing because of new technologies, digitalisation (platformisation), energy transition and new social and economic behaviour. This has created a lot of uncertainty about future directions. Jos shares his expertise on strategic development and decision support with clients (i.e. public and private organisations), helping them to decide which choices to make for the short term and the long term.

Strategy development in smart sustainable transport, project management, policy-making and decision support analyses

  • He was part of the team that did a futuring study and impact assessment of smart sustainable transport concepts for Exxon Mobil. He was responsible for the European trend and impact analysis, and joined the Houston workshop in March 2017 to discuss the results and analyse the impact.
  • He has in-depth knowledge of the transition/changes in the mobility and infrastructure industry, and of the impact on the public and private sector. He is currently working as a programme manager for public-private partnerships at Connecting Mobility. The goal is to build a decision-making model for smart mobility and help the Dutch government to develop and maintain this tool with public and private partners.
  • Conducted a zero-emission feasibility study for light transportation vehicles. Organised a public-private partnership to create a healthy business model for the industry for zero-emission light vehicles and to realise public goals on zero emissions.
  • He has a proven track record in strategic (future) policy and decision-making projects on mobility and infrastructure. He was the project manager of a feasibility study for the A2 highway in the ‘s Hertogenbosch area. Seven governments authorities – both regional and national – worked on this together. This study led to a joint decision in 2017 to start a mobility programme (in excess of €500 million) that includes smart mobility projects, ‘mobility as a service’ projects, road infrastructure projects and public transport projects.
  • Jos is involved in the EU-financed Eureka Rail Smart Ticketing programme. This programme aims to improve cross-border mobility between Germany, the Netherlands and Belgian by improving rail connections and related services such as ticketing. He is responsible for several strategic economic and smart sustainable transportation studies, which provide input for the programme’s decision-making process.