An integrated approach with both economic and environmental objectives

Water Governance and Climate

Mainport Rotterdam

Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

The port of Rotterdam is by far the largest and most important port in Europe. However, after decades of growth, the existing port area had reached its spatial limits. If Rotterdam were to continue fulfilling its meaningful role in Europe, it would need to expand. So this is exactly what happened, with Maasvlakte 2 now representing the expanded port of Rotterdam. A new European location for port activities and industry was created directly west of the existing port and industrial area on the North Sea.


Of course, the future of the port is not only important for its market position, but also for the quality of life and the environment in the neighbouring areas. Consultations to further develop Maasvlakte 2 sustainably, including the environment and quality of life, have been started with neighbouring communities and interest groups.

Twynstra’s role

Since 2008, Twynstra has supported Rijkswaterstaat (an agency of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment) in various ways, for instance by coordinating the establishment of monitoring and evaluation programmes, and advising on the implementation and operationalisation of the port of Rotterdam. One of our important roles was to support the decision-making process through Strategic Alliance Management, a project management method based on the Mutual Gains Approach.