The Power of adaptive delta management

Water Governance and Climate

Twynstra leads Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 project

A Dutch consortium led by Twynstra is working on the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 to make the country climate-proof for the future. The plan intends to provide solutions for current issues, but will primarily anticipate for the long term up to 2100. Adaptivity is key. Dutch Water Sector Magazine published an interview with Jaap de Heer about this assignment. Jaap de Heer is the Director of the consortium.


Like the Netherlands, Bangladesh has a low-lying delta area, and the Delta Plan is consequently somewhat comparable. But there are some big differences too, certainly when it comes to the huge number of subjects addressed, both in terms of the water system as well as governance. Massive rivers like the Ganges and Brahmaputra flow through the country and into the Bay of Bengal. The dynamic delta faces a complex series of issues. The low-lying coastal area is relatively unprotected and battling salt intrusion. There is ample flooding during the monsoon season.

People are used to that – flooding also creates fertile soil. But because of climate change, the flooding has taken on other forms that require action. What’s more, Bangladesh is a developing country. With a strong population growth and an annual economic growth of 6-7%, there is a need for improved safety. The country wants to prevent the frequency of economic setbacks. The prevailing thought is that if we do nothing, then this will ultimately cost money. So we’re better off investing now.

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