We create the right connections and effective partnerships

Smart sustainable transport

About Smart sustainable transport

New technology, IT and renewable energy are creating a fundamental shift, and government bodies, businesses, knowledge institutes and social and environmental organisations are generating new opportunities. Twynstra develops scenarios and strategies for this; we make uncertainties in policy and investments workable. We create the right connections and ensure an effective partnership between public and private parties.



New opportunities and new demands

Self-driving electric cars, GPS linked to motorway use, mobility as a service, Uber services, drones… smart and sustainable mobility is on its way, and there are no two ways about it. Things are developing faster than many people think. Getting innovations to work and be effective, however, is a challenge for society. It’s not just about the technology itself, but about how that technology arrives in society. As such, the key is cooperation – cooperation between current companies operating in mobility and new ones, knowledge institutes and government bodies.

Back to the future

Twynstra brings the right parties together. Using future scenarios, together we choose a point on the horizon: an image of mobility in the future. We use backcasting to find a route from now into the future. What shared strategy and practical measures are needed now and can be achieved to anticipate the future? This approach ensures that we avoid disruption and bring opportunities within our grasp. Independent process management delivers practical solutions for smart sustainable mobility and intelligent transport systems (ITS).

A learning approach

A lot of knowledge is still being developed. We make good use of our proven experience with evaluation to learn from large-scale trials and continuously improve cooperation. Ours is a learning approach in which we consciously set aside time for evaluation and reflection. This generates the insights required to go to the next step: by getting rid of what doesn’t work, keeping what does and developing successes further.

We can help you

The added value of Twynstra is our knowledge of change management. We approach change from a social, technological, economic, legal and administrative point of view, and we use all the expertise we have available to us to do that. We are experienced in process management and decision-making in both the public and private sector. We are familiar with both of these worlds, allowing us to make connections. As a result, we can develop clear strategies with you and get innovations up and running.