Stakeholder engagement for watershed & waterbody data collection

Water Governance and Climate

Organisation for the development of the Department of Environmental Protection

Florida Department of Environmental Projection, USA

A new Florida law obliges state agencies to capture, maintain and display watershed and waterbody information if supported with state funds. A feasibility study was carried out to identify options, costs and recommendations for capturing and making the data available to the public. Stakeholder engagement was seen as an important part of the developed scenario’s feasibility as stakeholders are important data providers and therefore play an important role in the success of the scenario. Twynstra was involved as a stakeholder management expert, with our Cordence Worldwide partner North Highland (based in the U.S.) as lead consultant.


Stakeholder engagement

Although the feasibility study bears the characteristics of a technical exercise, stakeholder engagement was seen as a crucial aspect. The support and cooperation of key stakeholders was key for a successful implementation. As such, recognising their interests was made part of the study. This was done through quantitative and qualitative surveys and interviews as well as stakeholder meetings.

Results and achievements

Stakeholder interests became an integral part of the feasibility study and were incorporated into the recommendations given to the client.