Building a network for knowledge exchange

Water Governance and Climate

International Network for Storm Surge Barriers


The I-STORM network unites the public administrations of the countries that build, manage, operate and maintain moveable storm surge barriers. The network aims to share and exchange experiences and knowledge on operations and maintenance of large movable storm surge barriers so as to optimise the management of barriers in an innovative way. Each year a conference is organised at which professionals working on storm surge barriers meet. The network also organises a range of other activities, from simple phone calls and conference calls to field trips, traineeships, joint projects and setting up information facilities.


I-STORM helps its members to accomplish the highest levels of operational safety and reliability to protect people and property against severe floods. The network works according to the principles of a community of practice, cutting across political boundaries and interests.

Twynstra’s role

Twynstra assists the I-STORM network with developing its activities and strategy by advising, coordinating, facilitating, encouraging and organising, both at a strategic and an operational level. Twynstra’s roles include  organising steering committee meetings, setting out the programme, facilitating the annual conference, and starting up and implementing new activities.


  • Enhanced learning between member organisations at an operational and management level
  • Peer review reports: exchange of knowledge to solve or prevent technical and organisational problems
  • Annual conference to exchange knowledge
  • Involvement of contractors to exchange and use technical expertise from the network.


I-STORM partners: Magistrato alle Acque di Venezia, Italy; Groot Salland Water Board, the Netherlands; Rijkswaterstaat, the Netherlands; Consorzio Venezia Nuova, Italy; Environment Agency, the United Kingdom; Ministry of Regional Development, Russion Federation, USACE and State Government of Louisiana, USA.