Jaap de Heer

Water Governance and Climate

Strategy Counsellor

I preferably spend my time on strategy and policy making, in close connection with related organisation and process issues. What I find most fascinating is linking the socio-economic and administrative developments not only to a policy and strategy process, but to the actors involved, with their uncertainties and challenges of strategic choice on development and change. I have built up my experience in the private and public sectors, focusing on the infrastructure, transportation and water sectors as well as on climate change adaptation.

Be closely involved while keeping some distance for reflection

One of the most important aims in my work is to service clients with professionally based diagnostics and advice that can be shared with parties involved. My style in this approach is being closely involved while keeping some distance for reflection and learning. With this motto as backdrop, my aim is to involve the whole playing field in the strategy or policy process using affinity with strategy or organization and management-linked tasks, leadership and process-linked skills with emphasis on positive conditioning and outcomes.