Energy transition

About Energy transition

Our focus in the energy market is on projects and issues where success highly depends on building alliances with different stakeholders. Energy projects often require to overcome resistance (“not in my backyard”) and to cooperate with uncommon partners. We are known for our knowledge of the energy market, our ability to achieve intended results and our skills for designing and managing processes for cooperation and decision-making.

Twynstra is well-known for its methods for project management. We apply these skills to projects for the transition towards more renewable energy, less energy consumption and modern energy infrastructure. We manage projects from initial idea towards the final investment decision: business case development, arrangement of special purpose vehicles, obtaining permits, contracting and financing.



Strategic stakeholder management

Energy projects often have impact on space and stakeholders in the surrounding of projects. Strategic stakeholder management helps organisations and project managers to achieve their goals in time by involving (potential) stakeholders in plan development and decision-making. We developed experience-based methods and tools and apply them as stakeholder manager ourselves or by giving in company training and by assisting organisations in incorporating strategic stakeholder management. Essential elements in our approach are mutual gains, transparency and dialogue.


Partnership development

Energy ambitions are seldom achievable by organisations in their own. Making progress demands cooperation with suppliers, customers, governments, neighbors and other stakeholders with the same or seemingly opposing interests. We facilitate partnerships by connecting stakeholders, finding shared ambitions and delivering independent process management. We contribute to shared decision-making, we keep the partners on track and mediate if tensions arise between parties.


Strategy development

More and more organisations formulate long-term ambitions for renewable energy and energy efficiency. We help our clients to find viable routes toward realizing those ambitions, to create (external and internal) support for energy projects and to organize proper decision-making processes.  We are able to develop strategies (consulting) as well as manage implementation of programmes.